Regarding The Trump Operation…

I wrote…


Total enslavement indoctrination.

Could you imagine how people would have reacted to this thirty, forty years ago?


Reply By Effie Trinket

There’s some very important ‘finer details” you need to be aware of regarding the Trump operation.  Even people who are awake, I am pretty sure would not see what I’m about to tell you:

The particular thing I want to talk about is how Trump is actually deceiving the masses (esp those who voted for him/his followers) about the 2nd amendment.

On the surface Trump seems pro second amendment.  This is *absolutely* false.

Every time there is a false flag (that the majority by far believe is real, rationalized as something committed by a “mentally ill” individual–what has Trump said?  He fools people in a very deceptive way–he will say “imagine if someone had been there with a gun” to stop the alleged perpetrator(s) over and over again ad nauseum–but he isn’t talking about individual Americans being armed, hes talking about armed “guards”…  What this really is therefore is an extension of the POLICE STATE.  THAT is the only way “you’re going to “get” your 2nd amendment”.–Via globalist controlled government jackbooted uniformed AUTHORITY FIGURES.–That will be your “2nd amendment right”–NOT you the individual being encouraged nor being allowed to provide for YOUR OWN security.  This is another way you can look at what the globalists puppets really mean when they say “come together”–to word it another way it means: “You have no right to provide for your own security nor well-being, you MUST SURRENDER to globalist intrusion and control over your life to be safe!!!”  If you resist, we will carry out MORE false flags against you, if you want us to stop carrying out false flags, all you have to do is give up all your freedom to us!  Once no one has any freedom left at all, there won’t be any more terrorism or attacks (because we were the ONLY ones perpetrating them).”

The even more sinister part of this you have to keep in mind is that eventually, any human guards will be supplanted with autonomous, robotic weaponized systems (one of the goals completely that the globalists CAN’T WAIT to be reality and commonplace worldwide).  So when Trump talks about “armed guards”, he is simultaneously also fully supporting future full spectrum artificial intelligence slavery (called “SAFETY!!!!”).

Since the globalist controlled left will be script-programmed to continually call for outright weapons bans (and everything else, but skipping talking about that for now).  THis will automatically create a knee-jerk reflexive reacion in the duped Trumptards–since they will reject bans, they will run into the arms of throwing their support/weight behind Trumps “armed guard” PSYOP.  This allows him to wield THE ILLUSION THAT HE IS PRO-GUN.  Other things that will fuel this illusion will be the globalist controlled narratives surrounding the NRA, SCOTUS (i.e. Trump supporters think Kavanaugh will “protect the 2A” (dead wrong if anyone things that’s true)) –all kinds of attacks by the left will massively piss off and embolden the controlled right (off topic a sec, notice NWO tool Alex Jones doesnt even entertain the notion that the right is just as controlled as the left).

The pro-gun illusion is imo, a core (“Republican”) and very important deception that the globalists need to maintain for a good amount of time–because it is a major driver to the perpetual dog and pony show Roman gladiator arena bullshit between Left and Right.  And now the ante is upped even more because now the controlled left is basically going to equate anyone that is pro-gun with being “ok with Jews being murdered”, so now being pro gun means you’re de facto “anti-Semitic”.

Also, what has happened with this false flag is that it enables (FRAUDULENT) justification to usher in a decade+ old plan to savagely go after the 1st amendment with H.R. 1955 and S. 1959.


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