About That Caravan… Blacklisted News

Here is the comment about using the so-called ‘caravan’ as a globalist ‘black operation’ that ‘refused’ to actually get posted at Blacklisted News…

Essentially  I said that this caravan was an operation by the globalists and that A.) It would most likely involve a duped pregnant so-called ‘migrant’ border crosser getting shot for the TV cameras by a National Guardsmen.  A person ‘presented’ to the public via Oprah / Ellen… would pose as the guardsman who shot her, crying a river that… “It was wrong to stop the hordes of people illegally crossing the border… and people should just be allowed to come in USA as they please…”   This, I continued… would lead to the next school shooting where anti-gun students would be marching along side with the anti-border crowd in yet another ‘Made-For-TV’ event for corporate media to exploit.  ALL these ‘events, of course, paid for and run by the intelligence / NGO industrial complex.

Another component to this globalist caravan operation ushered in by globalist controlled Trump himself, is the military aspect.  I see the military, which will be violating posse comitatus no matter what the military claims, will become a permanent ficture on the American landscape, and like with the border patrol, this active military within USA borders will slowly reach well beyond the USA border.

Another component of this caravan operation, I see, is the ‘official’ opening of the supposed ‘dormant’ FEMA camps.  FEMA says dormant / unoccupied, even though reports have come out that these FEMA camps ARE CURRENTLY being used, most likely for hordes of people the globalists want to bring into USA.  However, globalist controlled Trump is ‘seemingly’ trying to get the military to build ‘tent cities’, this will obviously fall under the auspices of FEMA.  



For The Cameras


How many twenty year olds roll out of bed and say… “I’m going to shoot up a nightclub  [full of students no less] the SAME WAY a spec-ops team would.”

Well, it didn’t take long for the globalists to get another school / student shooting under their belts.  However, with this shooting taking place in the ‘land of struggling actors’ [Thousand Oaks], it’s hard to tell what is real and not these days in USA.

The bottomline is, and as I predicted, more of these student / school shootings will continue with the aim of [as Obama’s own Eric Holder told his globalist overlords…] “brainwashing the American people” into disarming themselves.  One needs to ask… If these latest so-called mass shootings are so random and happenstance, why are the ‘targets’ ALSO NOT random and happenstance.  i.e. Mass shootings at… the work place… a grocery store… large groups of people standing in lines…  Why just student?  Because, as I predicted, these well organized anti-gun marches will merge with the anti-border well organized marches when the time is right,  ie. when an incident at the border occurs.

I have also revamped my border shooting prediction.  I now predict that the globalists will still shoot some unsuspecting pregnant caravaner, but the ‘narrative’ will be that a ‘armed’ US citizen at the border shot her and now the army is in place to make sure ‘armed citizens’ don’t shoot border crossers and that, again, US citizens MUST BE disarmed.    




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