Why The Globalists NEVER Get Caught False Flagging


Author: Effie Trinket

1)  The site where any false flag / mass shooting intent on actually killing people is surveilled with satellites from space, and/or drones, via the NGA – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and the NRO – National Reconnaissance Office.  Also instrumental in false flag terror is the heart of their communications, DISA, Defense Information Systems Agency.

FACT:  WAY BACK with the OKC false flag, globalist MK-ULTRA controlled PATSY Timothy McVeigh was being tracked from SPACE by NIMA (the prior name of the NGA, National Imagery and Mapping System).  Keep in mind this was in 1995.

Incidentally, it has been known by anyone who has 2 brain cells to rub together that there is also ironclad evidence that NIMA (NGA) was a direct and instrumental perpetrator in the 9/11 attacks perpetrated by globalist controlled government intel agencies.

2)  Virtually ALL Americans are carrying Smart Phones, developed by the military industrial complex, to perform full spectrum, real-time surveillance of anyone and everyone.  This enables them to PRE-EMPTIVELY scope out an area, including everyone that is present there, on the way there, about to leave, or leaving.  Whether they activate an MKULTRA patsy who performs the crimes for the globalists, or the globalists utilize wetwork spec-ops traitors to assassinate innocent Americans, and then quickly and expertly exist the scene (look up RED TEAM), leaving only the desired patsy left to take the fall for their mass murder.  If you had “unauthorized evidence” on your Iphone, they can either delete it remotely, and/or physically confiscate your phone.  Ft. Hood shooting–the black ops operators knew who had phones and they were SEIZED.

3)  Unimaginably sophisticated artificial intelligence systems allow the MIC to “wargame” out inside job mass shootings or false flag IED bombings (Bali Bombing, Boston Marathon) rapidly calculating cause and effect of any and all possible variables, including dealing with potential, “unauthorized” public witnesses–whereas in their case, they’re just IGNORED by the MSM, because the MSM is controlled by THE SAME GLOBALISTS WHO JUST KILLED A BUNCH OF RANDOM PEOPLE.  This AI is not just used to wargame in a simulation environment beforehand, but is ALSO used DURING THE ACTUAL FALSE FLAG, to ensure MAXIMUM “Mission Accomplished” goals.

4)  Globalists “information dominance” via decades old PROMIS software technology, transitioning through 9/11 globalist attack enabled by PTECH, which is now known as PALANTIR, allows the globalists full and absolute access to ALL federal, state, and local law enforcement, and ALL agencies, allowing them to instantaneously wipe out ANY and all digital evidence that could be seen by a genuinely non-criminal, non-corrupt employee.  This is a way of effectively eliminating whistleblowing, not just relying on being able to eliminate the whistleblower, but eliminating the information that they could potentially whistleblow about.  For all intents and purposes, this gives them perfect crime committing power, with ZERO risk of suffering any consequences.

5)  Globalists can and will intimidate and threaten anyone they wish.  There is NO SUCH THING as someone “talking”, because they have the power to drone strike an entire State Police station, their own military minions, even 4 star generals if they didn’t OBEY the globalists orders.  The globalist shitbag psychopaths who work at RAND Corporation, Center for Stategic and International Studies, USNORTHCOM, CACI, Kroll Associates, et.al., would unhesitatingly rape the children of anyone who threatened them in front of them and cut their heads off before torturing and killing the parents.  And they would never even be *INVESTIGATED* by “law enforcement” of any kind.


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