In the real world, there really are no more ‘nation states’.  A combine between multi-nation corporations, all interwoven by the thread of global corporate banking and bureaucratic governance, has already consumed most if not all of the planet, and it’s inhabitance.  A text book definition of a fascist ‘matrix’ is what you are currently living in on this planet.

The Spoils Of The Asymmetric World War (The End of the Nation State, and the rise of the ‘technocratic’ one world order from it’s ashes.) 

The nation state remains only as a vestigial structure.  While the nation state ‘structure’ still may have so-called ‘leaders’ / ‘court houses’ /  legislative bodies and so forth, they are in no way ‘independent’ in their governance. They are all beholden to the fascist shadow matrix.

Exposing the ‘STAKEHOLDERS’ (a work in progress)

The use of “psychological operatives’ working WITH civil ‘authorities’ a.k.a. FEMA  ANNEX C, OPERATIONS TAB D C-3-D1

if you want to read it for yourself.  USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 2501-05

USNORTHCOM ‘Psychological warfare division’ Blue Dart Warning System Determining Hot False Flags / Real Treats VS ‘exercise only’ operations.

Coordinating Instructions

(c) During exercises, all acknowledgments must be clearly identified as “Exercise/Exercise/Exercise” in both verbal and written communication. Formatting and template examples are included in enclosure (1).

3. Method. 

The MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ G-3/5 will form an Exercise Control Cell to initiate action and receive telephone and message traffic from the installations participating in the exercise. The exercise will begin when the installation to be exercised receives an initial notification of a BLUE DART threat notification delivered via plain telephone by a member of the MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ Exercise Control Cell. This initial notification will be delivered using the script provided in paragraph 4 below. The exercising installation will then be required to respond to the initial notification, in accordance with this Order and the exercise guidance contained in this enclosure.

4. Exercise Script.

The following script will be used by members of the MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ Exercise Control Cell when initiating a BLUE DART Threat Warning Exercise involving MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ installations:
EXERCISE/EXERCISE/EXERCISE// (Use only during an exercise) This is an EXERCISE BLUE DART threat warning.
This is from USNORTHCOM, and my telephone number is
We have information that there may be an attack on (unit, installation, or activity)
We believe the attack will take place at (date and time)
The attacker will use (type or means of attack)
We believe the attack will be conducted by (name of attacker
We believe the attack will be conducted because
The source of this information is
Record the time that the initial notification was completed
EXERCISE/EXERCISE/EXERCISE// (Use only during an exercise)

To Be Continued…


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