Doing The ‘Heavy Lifting’ For The Establishment.

High School Protesters Doing The ‘Heavy Lifting’ For The Establishment’s ‘Reaction’ Operation. Kids these days. We adults failed to teach them who their ‘true enemy’ is. … and it ‘ain’t’ armed law abiding citizens. How do you know if you are ‘really’ protesting something worthy of a ‘true protest’? The indoctrination center a.k.a. ‘school’ #1, […]

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Color Revolutionizing The U.S. First & Second Amendments Out Of Existence

KNOW HOW TO SPOT A COLOR REVOLUTION WHEN YOU SEE ONE It would really be amazing if these same students marched in mass against the globalists who use clandestine operations glohblally, including right in their own backyard, to foment ‘color revolutions’ against their own well being. The same powers that ‘shouldn’t be who lied in […]

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They should have interviewed me instead.

In response to… Agent of the controllers speaks out. Analyzing the NWO blueprint for el president. I successfully predicted, back in 2012, that the ‘controlers’ would ‘install’ a FAKE populist US president in 2016. I knew the puppet masters would attack their own puppet in the media, giving him ‘street cred’ with the now […]

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#Charlotte Is #Arabspring Globalist Operation Against World Wide Nationalism

Nationalism world wide is the target globalists fear the most.  Why, because nationalism runs counter to globalism  So, the globalists have reached into their bag of ‘color revolutionary tricks’ to deconstruct U.S. nationalism starting with the southern United States. The ‘operation’ is to REBRAND nationalism as ‘extreme’.  Even though globalism is very ‘extreme’ run by […]

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