School Shootings Fueling The TRUMP DECEPTION

Contributor Effie Trinket All these false flag school shootings are also instrumental in perpetuating, fueling the TRUMP DECEPTION. Because: 1)  The globalist controlled left gets endless “fire and fury” to rail against Trump “because Trump isn’t talking about guns, he’s talking about mental health”.  Or “arming teachers” (which is a complete, deliberately intended to fail “solution”.  […]

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#nationalschoolwalkout Earns Horrible Social Credit Scores

  Asymmetric Operations Against The US Constitution The globalists have chosen Columbine high school to rally THEIR so-called ‘grass roots’ #nationalschoolwalkout across USA.  Ironically, on the second floor of Columbine high school itself, is their mascot of a continental soldier ‘with his own personal fire arm‘.  No, the firearm is NOT an AK-47, the more […]

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Regionalism And Cognitive Dissonance 101

Asymmetric World War- You may be surprised that this is exactly ‘how’ Agenda 2030 works and ‘why’ they, the globalists. incorporate Agenda 2030 with ‘regionalism’. ============================================================= Contributor Effie Trinket: Cognitive dissonance 101, here’s an example how it works: First off, a lot people only pay attention to what happens at the federal level. So when puppet […]

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Globalists Position Troops On USA Border

[quote author=Effie Trinket link=action=profile;u=2022 date=1523068184] Anyone who is awake, fully realizes that “illegal immigrants” are a total asset to the globalists, to be used for destabilization purposes, and to facilitate austerity.  The “border” propaganda is the perfect starting point for globalists military forces to appear on the scene.  You see, that wouldn;t workl if they […]

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What ‘The Students’ Are NOT Taught About The U.S. Second Amendment.

  This message was emailed to me.  They make a very valid point. “Filmmaker of the documentary GrayState, was MURDERED by the globalists/military industrial complex–TOO MUCH TRUTH, AND WAY, WAY TOO PRO-GUN, INCLUDING POINTING OUT, AND ACTING OUT, EXACTLY WHO HE KNEW THE GUNS WOULD HAVE TO BE USED AGAINST.  Now you know why their hellbent […]

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