The ‘Walter White’ Effect

You know, everybody likes to throw around the word ‘Hitler’ when vilifying another individual.  The name ‘Hitler’ is often used to vilify, not so much for the evil symbology it connotes, but it’s universally used for the ‘primary reason’ of mass recognition of the ‘evil symbology’ itself. Nothing could be ‘more evil’ (to 21at century […]

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‘US-AID’ Terrorism’s ‘Soft Power’ Engine Behind Global Control

I just want to point out a buzzword the globalists are all discussing within their circles with glee, and that ‘buzzword’ is ‘soft-power‘.  You can read the globalist’s reference this term, ‘soft-power’ in places where the globalists like to hatch-out their agendas for global control. i.e. The CFR, DAVOS, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, US / EU […]

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